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Dallas Nightlife

Dallas is fun, me and my friend were cruising some places to drink and dance, wow.. so many good looking people, it's a bit diverse but not as diverse as NYC. The bouncers let me in without getting in the line..YAY.

Unfortunately people like me are rare... I think, because some people came up to me and asked me "What's your ethnicity are you? Philipino?, "Do you date white men? or African American? or guy from your ethnicity?" LOL, all these questions

Yep, they were all think I am Philipino, but NOPE..very close!! Guess again!!!

I like southern charm, some of them said "may I walk you to your car?", "May I take you to eat?" aww.. so sweet.. LOL no I am no hungry yet, just because I am skinny doesn't mean I am starving!! haha, although I love to eat!!!!

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