Delivery Guy

I want to share this story.

I ordered food last night from Italian restaurant and the guy who delivered my food was kinda cute. But I didn't make any suspicious contact with him or anything, it was just regular delivery, i said thank you and he said enjoy your dinner. Hours later I got a text message from someone I thought I knew, it turned out to be from a delivery guy, he just said I hope i like the food etc.. hmmm never happened to me before where delivery guy just randomly texted me. So then i just continue chatting with him on text messages, I asked him why did he text me, he said " I interested in you somehow". That's fair answer, but then he doesn't know who I am, he just think I am a girl from somewhere exotic place LOL.

Then he said he want to take me out to dinner tonight,... what a gentleman, I am kinda nervous going out with someone who don't know that I am T Girl, but then again it's only for dinner and he already said he want to be a "friend" in a real world not just on text message. Ok what if the "friend" he is interested in is special girl. I didn't think about it too much and I took his offer, so we are going out tonight and he is gonna show me the city. It should be fun.

I went out with a straight guy before, but he already know who I am and he told me he didn't mind and made him even more curious. OKAY. I don't know if tonight is the case, but I'll take a chance, who know maybe we will develope some friendship and lead to marriage.. hahahah.

Anyway, that was the story of the day, I will write again how it goes, this would be only for Dinner, and there will be no touching or kissing involve. I need a company and love to eat so we'll see....

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