French Short Film

I was honor to be featured on French Film, it's a short film for French television. Here I played as a transgender girl ( Thanks God it was not a stereotypical role like hooker or something lol ). The casts and crews are mostly French and a few from Brazil, but they were all speak in English because this film will be submitted to Cannes Film Festival and Berlin Film Festival.

This is very new to me, I was super nervous being around professional French Actors and Actresses. How do I get this job? well I have a friend who work for the CFI ( Canal France International ), he has friend who work for a French television and was looking for transgender girl, they offered me a position and I went to the audition and I got it!

I am very happy that the shooting went very well, and they applauded me for doing a great job as a first timer with no experience or background in the showbiz. The crews were amazing, treated me with respect and love.

Some of the crews didn't know I was transgender until I introduced myself to them, they thought I was one of the makeup artist. The shooting took all day which was tiring but super fun but no Air Conditioner and I was sweat like menopause women hahah.

I will get a copy/CD of the film and will ask their permission with I can post it on youtube and post it in this website. I haven't seen myself acting on TV, not comfortable watching myself, so I'am still not sure if I'm gonna watch it on my part.

It would be a dream if this film get nominated and I will be walking on the red carpet like a celebrity LOL, but I don't want to get excited yet, it's still long journey and I don't even thing about it, no expectation. I am just happy that I could be part of the movie.

The most amazing thing was, I got to tell the story about myself to them about being transgender, they are very interested in my story and some of them cried listening to my story, and they hope that I would be their next project for Independent Movie... yay!!!

However, acting is not one of my talent eventho they said I did a great job, this is just for fun, but who know. I still want to pursue my career as a professional makeup artist in one of a major television one day, soon I hope.

Let me tell you, there is a huge different between Europe showbiz with American, American TVs or media always look for a transgender who has obvious look, they have to be able to tell if you were born a man, if you look too much like a girl there is less chance you gonna make it because people here in the US still view Trans as fetish and taboo and if you look too hot and too beautiful, those people who live in the midwest and rural area will feel uncomfortable and insecured and that would cost the major TV money, like losing their ad because people don't want to watch the show and the media will be criticized for promoting "immoral" stuff. In Europe is very much open, they are very supporting and Liberal in most area. I might be wrong, but I've done a few auditions for printing and reality TV show in the US, I didn't get it.


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