Blacklists, Waste Timers, No Shows


First of all, I don't really like to do this and have list of people's phone number who either playing games or just being disrespectful and asshole, I am drama free and like to just move on, but I recently recieves a large amount of people trying to play games. The number I put in this list are those who has serious case/major problem, there are many also who were trying to waste time and play games, but I don't fall for that and i consider them as minor case.

Here are the number for serious cases :


~ Texting non stop making appointment for a few days and then said that he is on his way then disappeared, possibly fake number and my long time harrasser, claimed to be an Indian Male in his early 30s. 929-264-9117 ( New York ) 


~ White Male didn't have enough donation after spending over time, never respond to my text even after we exhanged text messages prior to meeting. 619-501-3661 ( Philly )


~ Chinese Male claimed to have Food Delivery business  who has no donation, he is in his late 20s or early 30s, wearing glasses.

I followed this guy to the parking lot and turned out to be a Pizza Delivery Man, I asked him to give me his glasses, but didn't want him to lose his vision when he drive so I let him go but i kept his shoes.

312-609-9245 ( Chicago )


~ White Male in his late 50s, appeared to be caring, down to earth, respectful but stealing money at the end by taking back his donation and replaced it with $7 without my consent.

203-910-9324 ( New Haven )


~ Hispanic/White Male, curly dark hair in his early 30s very persistent on the phone even after I said NO, but succesfully convinced me to meet up, 1 hour late to the appointment, professional looking, claimed to own 2 Night Clubs, didn't have donation but had a gun and he placed it on the side of the bed to intimidate me.

415-885-9927 ( San Fransisco )